July 2010

Rev. Wangai recently told me about the 4 new orphans resulting from the death of one of the widows, and he was hoping somehow I could find monthly sponsors for the children.  This is a typical method to support such a ministry. However, my “main” ministry is the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, and I wasn’t ready to take on such a big project outside of that.

Later that morning, as I was making my bed, I prayed inwardly for guidance on how to help the children.  Instantly a fresh inspiration came to my mind. It was so quick, and so fresh an idea, that I took it as an answer to the prayer.  The widows were to form a cooperative society together, to help each other with their children in life, and even (God forbid) if some of them should die. It is hard to think about such things, but it is a necessity in any one-parent home, and especially an impoverished one.

I wrote to Rev. Wangai and asked him if they had 10 machines, could the women bring in enough extra money to help feed these orphans?  He said yes, with 10 machines, that would be feasible. Otherwise the woman do very simple, low paid work such as washing, and it brings in very little money to feed their own children, never mind extra children.  With the sewing machines, they create items to sell in the market, and they get orders from schools for uniforms, etc. So with 10 machines, they can make a sizable effort.

He said that the women already do pray together, and they help each other with childcare. If they had 10 sewing machines, they could have a stronger financial base, and help care for the orphans if any of the women succumb to illness. In this way, the children would still be surrounded with people they know and love.

This idea of cooperation is dear to my heart, since my family lives in Ananda Village, which is a cooperative community.  Recently Nayaswami Kriyananda has been stressing the importance of cooperative living as a means to withstand difficult times in a troubled economy.  People can help each other through the rough spots.

I have also felt inner peace about our troubled economy as I have taken on helping these women more actively. One can worry about “What if this happens, or what if that happens?” Ultimately, we don’t really know the future. But I did know that I could help these mothers who are already facing very difficult circumstances.

Do you want to help? They have 2 machines and 2 more on the way. That gets us up to 4 of the 10 sewing machines needed. Each treadle machine costs about $125.

If you are receiving this, you already know who I am. I can assure you that 100% of the money raised goes to buy the sewing machines, and a little bit left over to buy food for the children while the women get the sewing business up to speed.

Finally in closing, I give you the words of Nayaswami Kriyananda again, from his powerful little book, Secrets of Prosperity:

Secret of Prosperity is gratitude and generosity, and also helping the needy – especially if you are helping them to help themselves…

So – if you feel inspired to help with this project, you can send a check to me at the address below. Thank you for your generosity. Please specify that the donation is for the Kushona Sisters project.

Also – please sign up for the free e-mails on this site – (see the upper right corner). I will send out announcements and photos as each new machine is received and put into action.

God bless you!

Mary Kretzmann

14618 Tyler Foote Road

Nevada City, CA 95959


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