Greetings and photos

This letter came in earlier this summer – I am sorry I did not forward it on sooner; I will do better on this in the future! Promise!


Mary Kretzmann

PS – Click on the photos to enlarge them. I will be trying to adjust the ones that are sideways or upside down!

Dear Rev. Mary,
Receive greetings in Jesus name. We had a great seminar it was for teaching prayers. I have taken the responsibility of teaching even the children myself about the prayers. Your teachings about prayers have lifted us spiritually, and we are happy for them. the goat project is going on well. The chicks are also doing very fine. The machines of the sister shona is also doing ok although there is no much work for the shona sisters because people are busy ploughing and planting and there is a lot of sunshine the food ie maize 2kg is $ 1 the little money they get they use it to buy food for themselves and the children.
I am happy for the women because they are very eager to learn more about the prayers.
I have sent you photos of the seminar we had as i was teaching, one i was teaching, the other one people were praying, then kids taking food being served by my wife, Kids playing. The last term the kids were very happy since you paid their school fees they were never sent back home for school fees.The schools were closed and were re-opened on 2nd/May/ 2011. Receive greetings from all the members. We had one pastor from Nakuru branch under the Ananda Kenya Prayer Ministry. He was very happy of the projects that were going on because he had not come for sometime. I usually send copies of prayers to our other churches so that they continue learning as we are doing here. Receive greetings from my family, my wife and kids send their greetings. Greet all our Ananda members there. once you receive the photos kindly inform me.
God bless you
Pastor Wangai


Rev Wangai Rukwaro leading healing prayers


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