Rev.  Wangai told me earlier this spring that sadly, one of the widows had died, leaving behind 6 children.  He asked if funds could be sent to cover the school fees and uniforms of these orphans.  In my reply, I asked him for an update on how the projects were going with the sewing, goats and chickens.

I have forwarded him some money to cover the school fees and uniforms of these orphans, and  little extra to cover some feed for the chickens.  I used some of my own money for this, plus I had a few small checks left over from the last time I raised fund for the Kushona sisters.

Rev Wangai’s ministry is for AIDS widows with children, and so he may need our help from time to time to cover the school fees and uniforms of the orphans. I am hoping the sewing projects can help fund the food and basic care of the orphans.  Please let me know if you would like to contribute toward a fund for these things.

He writes:  “…The  tailoring  project gives us some cash for food. The  project has really  changed the lives of  these women...”

I realize it might be good to have a modest account set up where I could keep some funds to cover these items as they come up. I would love to see them to be self sufficient eventually – but I think they might need a boost like this from time to time. If you would like to contribute, my address is listed in the “About” page.


Mary Kretzmann


Letter from Rev. Wangai:

Dear  Rev,  Mary.
Greetings  in the name of  Jesus  Christ. I  happy to let you know that i received your letter.The letter i sent you had pictures of orphans and widows while i am giving  them food.The  tailoring  project gives us some cash for food. I  also  walk out  looking  for  tenders for the tailoring  project.The  project has really  changed the lives of  these women.Goats are well and there is food from the fields and we also buy little from the  shops. Chicken food is what is now costing much.I  am asking if we can get money and buy school uniforms for the orphans so that they can join others.The students  can as well join this semester if we get money for school uniform and fees.I have sent you the picture again, kindly  let me know if you are able to open it. Church and women do remember you in prayers.

God  Bless you,
Rev.   Wangai

And here is my reply to him:

Dear Rev. Wangai,

Thank you for the update and photos.  I am glad to know some money is coming in from the sewing projects. That is very good. And I very pleased to know that the goats are fed from the fields.  Thank you for managing these projects so well, on top of your  other ministerial duties. As time  goes on, please tell me if any of the ladies can help manage some of the projects, under your supervision.

Your mentioned some problems with affording food for the chickens. Has the chicken feed gotten more expensive? There is worldwide inflation on the cost of food right now, unfortunately. I think grains have really gone up, and this would affect the cost of chicken feed. How many chickens do you now have? Are they laying eggs? Can you sell some eggs to cover the cost of feed?

I found this interesting story, but I don’t know if you have water hyacinths nearby.
Kenya farmer uses water hyacinth for chicken feed

I am sending you some money to help the  children get back into school with new uniforms, as needed.

Please give my love to all.

Love in Christ,

Rev. Mary


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