More Sewing Machines on the way…

Dear Ones,

This is the correspondence I sent along with the money details for the two new machines. Thank you again to Pat T., Lisa C-J, and to Sheila N. for your generosity.

Please keep Rev. Wangai in your prayers for guidance and protection. It is a fairly safe area, but I always get a bit nervous when it is time for him to pick up money for new sewing machines. I don’t want to plant a negative thought, but rather a positve flow of divine grace and prayerful protection.

I am sorry it took an extra week to send the money on to him. Last week we sent our youngest son, David, (age 17) off to college.  And the he got homesick right away… So, of course my mind, and e-mails and phone calls were with him…I think he is doing better now. He is now taking it “one semester at a time” instead of merely “one day at a time.” Progress!

Blessings and joy,

Mary Kretzmann

Dear Rev. Wangai,

I just sent you money for 2 more sewing machines, which will bring the total to 8.

May the Ladies continue to find work to keep all of these sewing machines busy. May they grow in prosperity, and continue to be generous toward each other, and toward the orphans in their group. Please continue to guide the Ladies in prayer and Christ-like service and compassion.

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me – for such is the kingdom of heaven.”

As the work grows, I hope that the mothers will be able to afford the basics for all the children, such as food, shelter’ and school fees. But please keep other luxuries at a minimum. Paramhansa Yogananda said this:

“Simplicity of living plus high thinking lead to the greatest happiness!”

Please note – he does not say “poverty of living” but rather “simplicity of living”. The Ladies have been in poverty – but now they are on their way to a beautiful “simplicity of living”. This is a great blessing. As they grow in holy simplicity, with their needs met, please teach them to be constantly in a state of Love and prayer with Christ. May their hearts be full of Him. May their hearts shine with divine contentment, gratitude, and generosity.

“…And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me…”

40“Mfalme atajibu, `Ninawaambia kweli, kwa jinsi ambavyo mlivyomfanyia mmojawapo wa hawa ndugu zangu walio wadogo, mlini fanyia mimi.’

For these Ladies – “the least of them” right now are the orphans left behind by the lady who died…

May these ladies and the whole congregation somehow love and guide those children. Those orphans need school fees first, because they have lost their mother. School will keep them busy and will give them guidance. I want all of the children to have school fees, but please give it to those orphans first. And in return, I expect those orphans to be grateful and well behaved in school. Please make it clear to them that they must do their very best with this gift of schooling. It is God’s grace in their lives. They must not squander it.

Please let me know if the women will soon be making enough money for food and school fees for all the children.

Do the women still have new orders for items to sew? Should we still go all the way to 10 machines? Do they still have enough work for 10 machines? Or should we buy 2 goats next?

Sewing is the best financial foundation for the Ladies – but I want to be sure they have enough work for 10 machines. Let’s watch their progress over the next few weeks. And then please give me a report. It is very good when the Ladies go out to get orders for more items to sell to the schools and hospitals. Please do let me know if they are still busy and successful in getting orders. This helps me understand your local economy.

Finally, I am very glad to know the women are praying, and also that the ministers are enthused in the West Pokot District. However, it is very important that we meet the goals first for these first Kushona Sisters in Kitale. I want these ladies to get out of poverty into a beautiful, God-loving simplicity that is generous toward others in need. As God blesses them, they can then let God’s blessing flow through them to others. It is a very holy commitment that these Ladies are caring for the orphans in their group, under your direction. So – I want to be sure this project is on solid ground first.

(Please forgive me – but Swahili is the correct language for Kitale, right? )

Oh! I just did a search and look what I found:

So – please tell me about the ministers in West Pokot District. Are they also serving widows and orphans? One idea I have is that we get 2 goats first for the Kushona Sisters, and as the herd grows they can give 2 goats to the people in West Pokot. But please tell me about their ministries first. Or is the west pokot district under your direction? Please tell me more…And please teach them to pray in these ways you have learned…

God bless you, and all of the people in your spiritual care.

kwa heri…

In Christ’s Love,


Rev. Mary Kretzmann

Sent: Wed 8/18/2010 2:33 AM
To: Mary Kretzmann
Subject: Re: greetings

dear rev Mary.
we thank the lord for you every day,receive greetings of  the name of our lord Jesus Christ.
we are very fine and blessed and we are thanking our lord for the care and protection.
Every body here is doing fine and well..we spent the weekend in .3
district and we discussed more about our new ministry, ANANDA -KENYA  prayer ministry .they are very excited about thee new ministry.they are now praying for it and its future in doing the work of the great commission.
women are doing good work with my guidance,and praying  ceaselessly for the project and for you.
receive their greetings. pass my regards to  your family and all
our children are fine and sent you their greetings

GOD bless you
rev wangai


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