The New Machines Arrived! Total: 6

Dear Friends of the Kushona Sisters,

I just received this e-mail from Pastor Wangai. Please know his thanks extend to all those who are helping them.

UPDATE: I just received a check from Lisa, and a donation is promised from Sheila for next week. So I’ll wait for Sheila’s before sending off the money for new machines.  This give the ladies a chance to adjust to each new increase. I am sure there are kinks to work out. I also think it is a divine flow that lets them fully appreciate the beauty of each new gift.  But the rate of increase is also very good – it keeps them hopeful and inspired.

So they are now at a total of 6 machines, and we will be adding one or two more next week.

Greetings to you, Reverend Mary.

I thank you for the quick message you replied . The money I received and I bought 2 machines and I have handed them over to the Ladies in the project.
The Ladies are so happy for the help you have provided for them. They say you cater for their needs together with the orphans. So the project is on-course. And we continue to receive orders from outside. Everything am ensuring is going on according to plan. So we pray for you. Be blessed. May you be strong in your ministry and in your Family.
Did John of North Carolina sent the book?
Be blessed. We love you in Jesus name servant of God
Hope to hear from you.
Rev. Wangai

So many thanks to all of you friends of the Kushona Sisters.

God bless you all.


Mary Kretzmann

PS – The book he refers to is The Second Coming of Christ by Paramhansa Yogananda. John has indeed sent the money for the book, but the postage is $50.00 to Kenya!  But I do have a goal to get that to Pastor Wangai – also before Christmas. I am moved that this step toward very moderate sustaining, prosperity is also the opening for Paramhansa Yogananda’s incredibly deep and beautiful teachings on Christ to more fully enter this congregation in Kenya.

There are many strong Christians in Africa. They have not lost their faith, and they are not “allergic” to the G-word (God) unlike many westerners. LOL.

Originally – when Yogananda came to the west – he wanted to inspire the churches from within.  But that is only happening very slowly here. But with Pastor Wangai, it is happening very directly. He has been part of the healing prayer council for many years, and he reads my newsletters.  But he fully identifies with being Christian. And that is beautiful, too. And this new book, will take it deeper for him.


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  1. marykretzmann
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 14:25:17

    Good news – I just received a pledge for yet another machine.

    Looks like a worthy project,Mary…
    I am forwarding a check for $125 for the purchase of one sewing machine. The check will be in the mail tommorrow.
    I like the idea of helping people acquire the resources they need to develop the skills that help them earn a “living” and offer a meaningful service to the community in which they live.


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