Two More Sewing Machines Coming!

Many thanks for two donations that will allow Pastor Wangai to purchase two more sewing machines. These donations are from Nicole deAvilla and her friend, Janet G.  I will also post here when the machines are actually acquired by him, which will probably be in the next day or so.

I mentioned in an earlier post the idea of getting goats for them to raise. They could use the milk themselves, and eventually to sell the excess milk. (Goat milk is valued there for its healing powers, and so it commands a good price.) The women were understandably enthused about the idea of the goats, and were eager for this to  happen. They even rebuilt a broken down goat shed – large enough for an eventual herd of 10 goats. That impressed me!

But their enthusiasm for the goats was beginning to crowd out the goal of getting them up to the total of 10 sewing machines. So, I realized it is good to continue with that goal, because in the beginning, the goats will probably add to costs until they are producing milk for sale. I felt like a Mom having to set limits, for now, for the sake of the greater good.

So it will be good for the cooperative to have all the sewing machines first, to have a financial base.  These two new machines go a long way in that direction. It is nice to be past the half way mark!

I told them, however, that some people really want to help them get the goats, and hopefully before Christmas.  In fact, Mary G. told me that her  family wants to buy a goat to give to the widows instead of buying little things for each other this Christmas. She said it feels more like Christmas to help these women and children be happy and cared for in this way. And I know of another California family in which both of the teen children are touched by the idea of helping them get goats.  One wanted to do a bake sale soon.

I explained all of these things to Pastor Wangai, and this is his gracious reply:

Rev Mary,

Praise the lord. We are fine here in the Lord.
I have been very busy working. And I believe the spirit of the  Lord has spoken to you as that is also what the women wanted. To add the machines as the project will help the young and old alike. The ladies who wanted to be helped by the project are quite many and the project will do them good.

The widows are going on well with the prayers about the goat project. We are glad for what you have said.. I’m also grateful and glad and thank you on behalf of the women..
We have also received another tender for uniform .
We are praying for you.
Greet ANANDA prayer ministry members.
Greetings from the church, we love you.
Rev Wangai


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