Gratitude, and a Group Photo


Update – Rev. Wangai gives an update on the sewing projects. They do seem to have the right idea about drumming up business for the group! I am happy to report that soon there will be another 2 or 3 machines. (Money has been promised along those lines.)

I have also been talking with Pastor Wangai about the possibility of goats. Some children here in California would like to raise money to purchase a goat or two for them – but it appears they need a goat pen first. I will see if they can construct some sort of simply made goat pen with local material (I see the cob style building behind them in the photo, below.)  If so – we can move forward quickly with raising money for a goat or two this fall, and , of course, the herd will grow in a natural way.

Finally, I recently asked Rev. Wangai for a group shot with the kids in front and the mothers in the background, and I was very happy to receive it right away. Note the little toddler on far right with his back to the camera. He seems much more fascinated to see everyone lined up like that, and doesn’t have a clue about the photo shoot. Cute…

God bless you all.

Mary Kretzmann

Dear Rev Mary ,
I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. We are fine here in Kenya. Receive beloved greetings . Our members are very excited to hear the news . Your letter came late to me because I was busy with project work.

Machine report: we shall be communicating with you very regularly. We are talking to people to get more tenders to schools and hospitals and we are sure if the machines are to be added we shall do tremendous work.

The goats pens have to be constructed as they are milk goats. Then they have to be fed there. The project is a noble one and it will help the widows very much. Goat milk is very expensive here as it is believed to contain medicinal value. There is already a ready market for it . The cost of one goat is US $150. 00.

If there is anything you need to know please let me know.
We love you.
God bless you and we are praying for you.
Rev Wangai.

Masters House Ministries, including the widows and children

“Attached here with please find the picture of the orphans with their families. Standing in front are the children, behind are the women and two church elders. Far left is me, pastor, wearing a black suit.”

(Click on the photo itself to see an enlarged version)


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