Two New Sewing Machines – Photos soon!

I just received this note from Rev. Wangai…In it he also talks about chickens and goats, because I suggested that the widows should diversify and help raise food for the cooperative…Children can also help take care of the chickens, as many a farm kid knows!  But they need the proper infrastructure to care for the animals… (Some of his prices, below are in Kenya Shillings. )

Dear Rev Mary,
Greetings from Kenya Africa.
I’m so happy to write you and very appreciating for the good work you’re doing with our widows.
I have been looking for someone to take photos of the widows and when they are ready, I will sent you.
The widows are so happy and you will see their faces when I send you their picture and they are praying for you.
About the goats that are for rearing which they can milk about three litres of milk,this one needs $150.00 per each of them,and the chicken you’re saying are not here , and we have the layers and the broilers. We can prefer the layers which are from here and they are accustomed to them if they rear these ones. A one day old chick is sold at kshs.98.00 which is $1.5, we rear for 5 months to laying time,after that it will lay for 18 months, thus I do recommend this ones, before we order for them we must first build for where they will be reared. See we have some good work to do before all that we expect.
May the Lord bless you and am personally praying for you and looking forward to hear from you please.

God bless you,
Rev. Wangai.


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