This is a note I received recently from Rev. Wangai regarding these orphans. Sadly, one of the widows died recently leaving these orphans. Many of the widows are AIDS widows, so of course, their own lives are at risk, as well. His reference to Nairobi regards a recent bombing there.

Dear Mary,
Receive greetings in Jesus name. I am happy to hear from you. We had a tough time because of what happened in Nairobi, we are praying that it never happens again. The orphans photos are here, they dont have food because they dont have guardians. If you will stand with them, their lives will go on well.
The women project is going on well and assisting in small issues. We are praying that if the machines reach 10 they will be able to really assist.
God bless you as I wait to hear from you.
Rev. Wangai.

I then searched online and found an orphanage in Kitale and asked if the  children could possibly go there? I then received this reply:

Dear Mary,
Receive greetings in Jesus name. I know of the program but it  is not helping me, because the children are many and they have quite a number, since I have many children I want us to start an orphanage like that so that we can accommodate more children.

About the widows, in my ministry I have 40 widows, the two machines (one you bought at Christmas) and the other that we bought, are only serving nine of them.  and that is why I was suggesting that if they are ten they can be of great help. We take orders from schools and also sell on markets.
God bless you
Yours Pastor Wangai


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